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1.Overturn (V)-abolish, invalidate, or reverse a previous system, decision, situation, etc. के विरुद्ध निर्णय देना
2.Setback (N)-a reversal or check in progress. बाधा, असफलता
3.Ostensible (Adj)-stated or appearing to be true, but not necessarily so. दृश्यमान, काल्पनिक
4.Acrimony (N)-bitterness or ill feeling. कटुता
5.Hangs Over (Phrasal Verb)-to make someone worried or nervous.
6.Derail (V)- to obstruct the progress of.
7.Salvage (V)-to try to make a bad situation better.
8.Provocative (Adj)-causing anger or another strong reaction, especially deliberately. उकसाने वाला
9.Genocide (N)-the deliberate killing of a people or nation. नरसंहार
10.On The Grounds (Phrase)-among the general public.
11.Intermediary (Adj)-acting as a mediator. मध्यस्थ
12.Sovereignty (N)-a self-governing state. संप्रभुता
13.Incitement (N)-The deliberate act of encouraging violence or crime. उकसाना
14.Unequivocally (Adv)-in a way that leaves no doubt. स्पष्ट रूप से
15.Temptation (N)-the act of influencing by exciting hope or desire.
16.Rushing (N)-the act of moving hurriedly and in a careless manner. जल्दबाजी
17.Supercilious (N)-showing or feeling strong dislike or disrespect.
18.Put Down (Phrasal Verb)-stop a protest using force. दमन करना
19.Personages (N)-a person, usually someone famous or important.
20.Vested Interest (N)-a personal reason for involvement in an undertaking or situation, especially an expectation of an advantage from it. निहित स्वार्थ
21.Smacked Of (Phrasal Verb)-to be a sign of something bad.
22.Paranoia (N)-intense fear or suspicion, usually unfounded. मानसिक उन्माद
23.Into A Tizzy (Phrase)-feeling very nervous or confused. घबराहट, परेशानी
24.Riposte (N)-a quick and clever remark, often made in answer to a criticism.
25.Bearing On (Phrasal Verb)-to be relevant to.
26 .Gear Up (Phrasal Verb)-to prepare for an activity or event.
27.Pave The Way (Phrase)-to create a situation that makes it possible or easier for something to happen. मार्ग प्रशस्त करना
28.Angst (N)-a feeling of extreme anxiety and unhappiness.
29.Bio-Bubble (N)-an environment sealed off from the outside world and accessed by a limited number of people only.
30.At Stake (Phrase)-At risk to be won or lost. खतरे में
31.Pitch-Forked (V)-to put someone suddenly into a situation for which they are not properly prepared.
32.Unflappable (Adj)-not likely to get worried, nervous, or angry even in difficult situations. आसानी से विचलित न होने वाला
33.Rankles (V)-to make someone annoyed or angry for a long time.
34.Gleaned (V)-obtain (information) from various sources, often with difficulty.
35.Caravan (N)-Any large group of people, typically with vehicles or animals, travelling together in single file. क़ाफ़िला

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